Creative Portrait Illustration with Procreate

Online course Creative Portrait Illustration with Procreate by Samuel Rodriguez.

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Who is it for?

This course is for professionals or students in digital art, illustration, and design, interested in creating portraits that seamlessly combine abstract elements and lettering for Fine or Commercial Art. Those who have many influences and want to learn how to incorporate them in their illustrations will especially benefit from this course.

What you need

You will need some drawing skills, including some understanding of facial anatomy.

About the materials, you will need an iPad (with iOS 11.1 or a more recent version), an Apple Pencil, the Procreate App, and Adobe Photoshop.

Course overview
28 Lessons (6h 44m)
19 downloads (2 files)
10 exercises
Course Final Project
U1: Introduction
What We Will Do on the Course
U2: Preparation and Research
Procreate Basics
References of portraits and faces
References of Typography, Shapes and Color
U3: Thumbnails to Refine Sketch
Combining Lettering, Portraiture, and Abstract Shapes
Final Thumbnail Sketch
Narrowing Color Choice
U4: Finalizing the Illustration
Portrait 1
Portrait 2
Portrait 3
Adding Color to the Portrait 1
Adding Color to the Portrait 2
Adding Color to the Portrait 3
Adding Typography and Shapes 1
Adding Typography and Shapes 2
Adding Typography and Shapes 3
Adding Typography and Shapes 4
Merging Everything 1
Merging Everything 2
Merging Everything 3
Merging Everything 4
Merging Everything 5
Merging Everything 6
U5: Post-Production
File Usage and Timelapse Recording
File Export, Final Touches, File Preparation and Saving Files
Final Project
  • 28 Lessons (6h 44m)
  •  19 Additional resources (2 files)
  •  Online and at your own pace
  •  Available from the app
  •  Audio: English
  •  SpanishEnglishPortugueseGermanFrenchItalian
  •  Level: BEGINNER
  •  Unlimited access forever
  •  Certificate upon completion of the course
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