Creative Character Design for Products

Online course Creative Character Design for Products by Rob Flowers

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Who is it for?

Anyone with an interest in character design who is looking to take their designs to the next level.

What you need

You’ll need a good working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or similar, an interest in character design, and some basic drawing skills.

As for materials, you’ll need pencils, paper, and a computer with Adobe Illustrator on it.


Course overview
16 Lessons (2h 1m)
12 downloads (8 files)
6 exercises
Course Final Project
U1: Introduction
What Will We Do on this Course?
U2: Looking at and Understanding Character Design
Principles of Character Design
Let’s Keep It Brief and Identifying Theme
Researching Themes
Colour Considerations
U3: Making Our Ideas Come to Life
Sketching Ideas 1
Sketching Ideas 2
First Round Developments
Turning Digital 1
Turning Digital 2
Final Tweaks
U4: Prepping for Production
Prep for Tee
Prep for Messaging
Repeated Pattern for Fabric
Final Project
  • 16 Lessons (2h 1m)
  •  12 Additional resources (8 files)
  •  Online and at your own pace
  •  Available from the app
  •  Audio: English
  •  Subtitles: EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchItalian
  •  Level: BEGINNER
  •  Unlimited access forever
  •  Certificate upon completion of the course
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