Artistic Watercolor Techniques for Illustrating Birds

Online course Artistic Watercolor Techniques for Illustrating Birds by Sarah Stokes

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Who is it for?

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to paint birds in watercolor or would like to expand their knowledge in watercolor techniques.

What you need

This course is great for anyone who is a beginner in watercolor painting since Sarah begins with the basics. However, this course is also suitable for experienced painters who want to expand their illustration abilities with watercolor techniques.

As for materials, you need good quality watercolor paper (preferably 635 gsm), watercolor paints, a range of brushes, graphic black pens, and a white gel pen, white gouache or acrylic, tracing paper, kitchen roll, water pots, scrap watercolor paper for testing, a hole punch for tonal value guide, photo paper and a printer, a ruler, a pencil, and an eraser.

Course overview
18 Lessons (3h 14m)
19 downloads (6 files)
11 exercises
Course Final Project
U1: Introduction
About Me
What We Will Do On the Course?
U2: Materials, Seeing Tone and Understanding Color
Tonal Values
Colour Theory 1
Colour Theory 2
U3: How Watercolor Works
Pigment Control and Basic Layering Techniques on Dry Paper
Wet Paper
Brush Strokes
U4: Preparing for Our Bird Painting
Obtain and Enhance Photo References
Compositions and Transferring
Colour Palettes
U5: Painting Our Birds
Painting Birds 1
Painting Birds 2
Painting a Loose Branch: Adding of Pen Work to Define Shape
Finishing Touches
More Ideas / Different Choices
Final Project
  • 18 Lessons (3h 14m)
  •  19 Additional resources (6 files)
  •  Online and at your own pace
  •  Available from the app
  •  Audio: English
  •  Subtitles: EnglishSpanishPortugueseGermanFrenchItalian
  •  Level: BEGINNER
  •  Unlimited access forever
  •  Certificate upon completion of the course
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