If you HATE drawing shoes, watch this

– 3 shoe angles that I use when I DON’T want to draw shoes. this is a quick tutorial on how to draw shoes only, but I use this on like 95% of my drawings bc I HATE DRAWING SHOES!!!1

if you want to see some of my other tutorials like this, links ▽ (dank or stank?) ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Simple Tutorials –http://bit.ly/2t7S3ki

Anime Tutorials – http://bit.ly/2F5gb8p

Chibi Tutorials – http://bit.ly/2oAqvPA

Speedpaints –http://bit.ly/2FJguam

Conte-me – What do you want me to do next?

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no fan art in this one, I’m so sorry 🙁

Outro music by Imaginary Ambition (one of my fav Youtubers)
He’s a cool guy, and he is waaaay funnier do que eu
His channel: https://youtu.be/2GeZYRtGHPc

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Nice Job Team: https://youtu.be/ycXvMBsDQ2A
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Goblins From Mars
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Anyway, I hope this helped for how to draw shoes or should I say how to draw shoes for beginners because this isn’t exactly a “professional” way to do it lol. I just kinda want to give you the tools to figure out how to draw people easy and not struggle so much like I do. I know it’s only one style of shoes but it’s the easy cheating way, I’ll make some better tutorials with different types of shoes soon.


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I almost didn’t see that guy in the window ?


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